Christian Science Literature

Joint Distribution Committee

Donate or request Christian Science literature for outreach, for Christian Science churches, societies, and related organizations, and public and private libraries, including Christian Science Reading Rooms.

The mission of the Distribution Committee is to support progress in the world’s discernment of spiritual truth through the distribution of Christian Science Literature to anyone searching for spiritual understanding. This work connects us and people all over the United States with used Christian Science Literature and services available from us.

The services at the Distribution Committee provide a hub for community connection and a valuable resource for used literature from our extensive revolving library.   We fill requests from all over the United States for used Bibles, Science and Health, Prose Works, reference books, biographies, CDs, cassettes and other Christian Science literature. We distribute, by specified request, Monitors, Journals, Sentinels, Heralds, pamphlets, leaflets and Quarterlies to jails, correctional facilities, ships, Coast Guard, nursing centers, senior centers, hotels, fire stations, emergency shelters, parks, YMCA, YWCA and community colleges on a weekly basis.  As some churches close around the country, we take their literature that we know will be reused and guide them in dispersing the rest. We also receive libraries from family estates.  This work is done by a unique family of dedicated volunteers who generously give their time and expertise in preparing this literature.


The Distribution Committee has the distinction of being the only distribution center, of used Christian Science literature, in the country.  People from all over call us to fill their requests for wonderful materials. The Distribution Committee was founded in 1923.  We have been supported by individual donations and Washington branch churches.  At one time 26 branch churches donated funds.  Currently, there are just 17 branch churches with much smaller membership numbers donating to our cause.  We are in need of funding to continue our mission.  Please help us get the word out about our wealth of used literature and services. We are a non-profit.


We feel very blessed to have Mary Baker Eddy’s mission of distributing Christian Science Literature as our work, and are grateful to be helping seekers of Truth have Christian Science Literature to assist them in their studies and inquiry.